The ‘compresso’: the solution to my endless disposable coffee cup waste

At first glance, the compresso looks like a normal coffee cup. However, after further examination one realizes its an innovative invention. Photo by Nealy Kehres

Before my history discussion every week, my TA opens the floor to let anyone promote their event, club or even product. Last week, a student from the business school said one of his friends invented this unique cup. While working on a patent, he was selling them and putting the profits towards charity.

It is a washable 12 oz. cup that holds your beverage just as well as any other mug, but the interesting part is that it collapses when you’re finished using it.

This is the compresso once it is folded to its smaller size. Clearly, it is much easier to throw in your purse or backpack. Photo by Nealy Kehres

At first, I thought it was a fine idea but nothing I would be really interested in. Then I remembered how every time I take my coffee on the go (which is often), I can’t bring a bulky ceramic mug because my back pack is already too full to begin with. However, whenever I grab a disposable paper cup that I end up throwing in the garbage, I feel so guilty. I realized this was the perfect solution to my problem and bought one right away.

Now I never have to feel bad about using a disposable coffee cup again. Plus, it is so much better than  buying my coffee while I’m out because I can assure I am using organic fair-trade beans and personalize it with non-dairy creamers.

Plus the name is so clever.


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