A conversation with Gator CSA farmer

A delicious and healthy way students can contribute to sustainability in Gainesville is through the Gator Community Supported Agriculture program sponsored but the UF Office of Sustainability.

Community supported agriculture is program spreading across the US in which people pay farmers a given fee at the beginning of a growing season. In return, they get a weekly box of fresh organic produce grown locally and in season. CSA programs help farmers because it often eliminates the need to take out loans and allows the farmer to focus on producing food sustainably instead of marketing their product.

I spoke with Amy Van Scoik, co-owner of Frog Song Organics, a Gainesville farm that participates in Gator CSA.

Van Scoik said they started Frog Song Organics in 2011 because there was a large unmet demand in the area for food that was produced in a manner that considers the impact on the environment and people’s health.

“The mission behind it was just that we personally really love to eat and really love good quality food, and we felt the market was really wide open,” Van Scoik said.

She says it is a great way for students to contribute to a more sustainable community and it is also very beneficial for the student.

“It’s a chance to both feed yourself, nurture a relationship and support a local farm, and that’s a win-win,” she said.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Gator CSA to improve your health and the environment by getting local and fresh organic produce every week, visit the Office of Sustainability’s website.


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